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If you are you looking for legal resources or lifestyle resources you will find them here. This directory is listed for attorneys, lawyers and the internet community. If you need information to assist you in running your law practice or managing your life, click on one of the links below in order to find the information you are seeking.

Note to people using this site who are not law practitioners: While many of these links can be helpful in making legal decisions, remember, the law is very complicated and it is always best to seek the advice of an attorney before taking any action. You may want to check out our attorney directories link in order to find a lawyer that can assist you.

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Lifestyle Information

There is or should be more to life than work, therefore we have developed a lifestyle directory. In our lifestyle directory you will find links to information regarding things do do, places to go and services that can help you manage and live your life outside the office to the fullest. Click here to go directly to the Lifestyle Directory or here for more information regarding the Lifestyle Directory.

Other Resources

Charities - Listed according to the amount of donations received from individuals, foundations, and other sources. Click on a category name to view the largest organizations nationally.
Building and Construction Contractors - Find building and construction contractors listed by state, specialty, county and city.
Fitness - Diet and Exercise Blog - Read posts, articles and editorials about becoming and or staying fit and healthy. Find out how to relieve stress, lose weight, increase stamina and endurance, etc.
Forums from Useful Attorney Resources - Ask questions, give and find answers and express your opinions about legal issues, politics, religion and more.
Humor - Are you stressed out? Take a break, relax, brighten your day, have a few laughs, check out our jokes and humorous anecdotes directory.
Legal Blog from Useful Attorney Resources - Postings of specific legal articles deemed by our editors to be of special interest to our visitors. For more information see about our legal blog.
Service Providers - Legal services such as directories listing links to private investigators, detective agencies, court reporters, process servers and more offered for attorneys and other legal practitioners.
Stress Management Blog - A collection of articles, posts and editorials regarding stress, it's causes and how to manage stress.

Attention lawyers practitioners

If you know of any law or lifestyle resource, service or directory that you would like to see added or if you have any comments regarding this site, please e-mail the web address or comment to If you have submitted a site we will check it out and if we find it suitable we will add it. Any comments sent will be considered and responded to. Our goal is to make this directory as complete and valuable as possible.

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